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Apple Will Release New Updated MacBook Pro (15-inch and 32GB OF RAM) With Kaby Lake CPU


When the new line of Macbooks got unveiled by Apple, a lot of controversies started popping up in the tech market. As the issue is raised a lot in tech talk about the lack of standard ports, somehow gets on the lost among the scuffle is the laptop’s lack of RAM and Kaby Lake processors. Apple is now going to vanish up those problems with their new tech.

16 Going on 32

The tech giant is all ready to release an updated 15-inch MacBook Pro with up to 32 GB of RAM. ‘the plan is going to be release during the last quarter of 2017,’ mentioned by Venture Beat.


The part of the right news came all the way from the renown KGI Securities analyst. Apple new expert Ming-Chi Kuo is the person behind this revelation as he has also reported that Apple is planning to make 32 GB of Ram an option available on the Macbook Pro, three months back. As there is no doubt that Kuo is Correct at this time too.

The latest Macbook was having 16 GB of Ram before the revelation of this fact. It is quite small when Apple is considered, and Macbooks are being talked about.

Kaby Lake Update

Another important yet recurring issue with the new 13 inch and 15-inch Macbook Pro and even with the 12-inch Macbook Models are having its outdated processor. When the new Pro devices were released, it came with Intel only. Recently the new Kaby Lake chipset got unveiled at the just concluded CES 2017. It’s Lastly, to say that Apple got a bit late to the Kaby Lake Party.

According to Kuo, the 12 inch MacBook will be the first one to get introduced by the updated chipset. He also notified that the laptop would be the mass produced starting in the second quarter of 2017. The new production will allow having the new chipset processor. The 15 inch and the 13-inch Pros, meanwhile follow suit in Q3.

Interested buyers of MacBook Pro now wish to get the updated version. As mentioned. The new Macbook pro has faced some issues including the missing ports and poor battery backup. Third party devices can solve the former. As of considering the battery issues, Apple is going to turn around the negative rating of consumer reports.