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Apple vs Netflix, Disney: In the Streaming Wars?

Apple vs. Netflix, Disney: In the streaming wars?
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Disney has a plan to introduce a new casting service ,Disney+, in November this year with numerous titles from eth collection of not only Disney but Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar  and National Geographic too. It will also stream some material from Fox also.

Two weeks before the launch of Disney+, the famous company Apple will launch the Apple TV+ service with a documentary and only eight series. Most of the people have been comparing The Apple TV+ with numerous TV shows and movies available on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. The CEO of Apple Mr. Tim Cook while announcing the rates of Amazon TV+ said about Netflix and Amazon Prime Video that is just crazy to provide the people with so huge a selection of Movies and TV shows in price of just a single movie rental.

The fact is that in this world of competition where hundreds of companies are competing with one another for your subscription money will the viewers be willing to pay $5 for just a few shows. The critics call it a good move when The Apples Arcade Gaming service is also $4.99 a month. According to the claims of the company the gaming Service has 100 games and in entering the market on Thursday.

Recently, Apple had organized a huge media event to launch three of its latest phones, but it was nothing spe3cial as the company has been making phones with new features. According to the claims of the company the new phones will have a much improved camera and a longer-lasting battery. This again will be nothing new as the company has been improving its devices ever since it is in the business.

The new thing about apple that attracted people’s attention was the announcement of Apple TV+ in $4.99 when the expert analysts were expecting Apple to demand at least $9.99. The real shock that the analysts can’t ignore is the fact that Apple is giving the services for one year to each buyer of its iPhone, iPad or a Macintosh PC. According to the analyst Rich Greenfield the company has started this just to sell more iPhones. He was telling this to The Hollywood Reporter. Rich said that if the company is successful in making its buyers watch its content for hours each week they might convince them even to buy its products as well.

The one thing that is constantly being in question is the payment of $5 for just a few TV shows and movies, though it is still expected to expand in near future. An Analyst and investor Loup Ventures defines Apple as a company that has fewer things with best quality.

If we compare Apple TV+ with Netflix and a huge collection of its original shows like “Stranger Things” and “Orange is the new Black” and a number of movies Apple TV still lacks a lot of stuff.

Apple has the lowest-priced superior subscription services but the difference is only of 1 dollar.

Both Hulu and CBS-All Access have subscription price of $5.99 but it supports the ads. But Apple does not support ads. When it is about the size of collection and the original programs CBS has its complete prime-time programs pre-planned, it has TV shows included in its collection of thousands of episodes on its website. CBS even has some of the classic shows including “Cheers” and “I Love Lucy” but when it is about original shows it has just seven series on its website. the seven shows that the company promotes are “The Good Fight” which is the sequel to “The Good Wife”, and “The Twilight Zone” it includes two new Star Trek series, and a much acclaimed “Why Women Kill” with Ginnifer Goodwin.

On the other hand Hulu has a lot more including the prime-time programs that the big channels like Fox, ABC, NBC offer, it even has almost 60 original movies, series and documentaries. Hulu has even an Emmy award winning movies “The Handmade’s Tale” along with a big library of old TV series and movies. For Just 2 dollars more than the Apple TV shows + services you can easily get Disney+ that will be launching on 12th November this year along with its huge library of classics and new series that consists of series like “The Mandalorian” which is based on Star War movies, there is an update of the franchise of the High School Music, the return of Disney Channel classic “Lizzie McGuire” and a remake of Live-Action film of 1955 known as “The Lady and the Tramp.”

If you gradually go up the pricing ladder of these subscriptions you will see that the Netflix is on second number as it starts from $8.99 per month and reaches $12.99 or $15.99 if you want in 4K or on multiple screens. The Amazon Prime Video is available at $9.92 a month or $119 for a year.

If we compare Amazon Vs. Netflix both offer thousands of programs that include a library of movies as well as TV shows that were popular in the past decades and almost 100 original programs. According to most of the critics and analysts it might be difficult for Apple to survive with such a small number of programs even though they have Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston in lead role. Apple needs a Proper library to augment with its originals.

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