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Apple To Pay $1 million Prize To Anyone That Can Hack Into Their iPhone


You can win $1 million. Yes, you read it right. You can earn $1 million, but there is one condition; you to hack an iPhone or a Mac. Apple is offering this amount to the people who can cut into their product. This money is the biggest prize ever announced by a company in the tech world.


Apple is one of the most famous companies around the world known for making smartphones and laptop devices. Its high-end technology makes Apple products safe than any other device. The bounty increased from $200,000, and the only official invited people were allowed to win the prize, but now anyone can take part in the competition.

The bounty is not just limited to Mac and iPhones as Apple’s other products like iWatch and Apple TV are also in the line. The announcement got in action at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas. Ivan Krstić was talking about iOS and macOS security during the press conference. iPhone is also providing the developer devices to the hackers so that they can enter the iOS system to hack it.

Apple is overconfident with the security of their products as they are even allowing to pause the processing and look into the data memory. The application is going to launch next year after which the hackers can enter the iOS processing. You have to hack into the core of the iOS without any interaction of the user after which you will get $1 million and $500,000 to the hacker who can hack into the network without the user touch.

Apple is also giving 50% of the bonus to the hacker who finds a glitch in the upcoming software. It can be a golden chance for hackers to look into Apple’s system deeply and win the prize of 1 million dollars.