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Apple May Lose $1 Million To The Company Check Point


Apple may lose $1 million to Check Point, a security company who makes products related to IT security. The company also provides cloud security, mobile security, data security, endpoint security, and network security. Check Point has 5,000 employees working under them, and their main headquarters are in Israel and California. Its developer centers are in Israel, the United States, and Belarus along with the main offices in North America, California, Texas, Cannada.


The company is pretty significant when it comes to secure facilities. Check Pointed was born in 1993 by a couple of people named Gil Shwed, Marius Nacht, and Shlomo Kramer. The first product launched by the company was FireWall-1, and they came with Worl’s First VPN security product called VPN-1. Here is the list of products launched by Check Point till now including Network Security, Software Defined Protection, Public and Private Cloud Security, Data Security, Virtual Systems, Threat Cloud IntelliStore, Mobile Security, Endpoint Security, Document Security, Security Management, Zero-day Protection.

Check Point reported that they had found the hack to every iPhone and iPad working on the latest iOS 13. Well, hackers have gone too far as the hack follows the bug which appeared four years ago. The news is disturbing to all the iOS users in the world. The possible hack that Check Point found is through the contact app which iOS uses. By using th SQLite database, the hacker can run a different code and can get access to your confidential data and password. The most confusing topic is why Apple couldn’t fix a bug in four years. Here is the answer, Apple believes that the hacker can only trigger the virus by using some external application, and there are no such apps to enter the database in the iOS system. Check Point says that their developers were able to enter the database by making a trusted app.