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Andrew Yang To Support Impeachment, But Warns Against Falling Into Trump ‘Trap’


I am on board with the decision to impeach Donald Trump because at some point, if you are literally calling foreign leaders and asking them for political help in return for releasing aid that Congress had already authorized, at some point you have to impeach and say” continues Yang, ‘Look, this is the right thing to do regardless of the political calculation,'” says  Andrew Yang this Thursday on “The View” as he expresses his support for the impeachment inquiry into President Trump, insisting it’s “the right thing to do.”

Image Credit: FoxNews

The tech entrepreneur and 2020 Democratic candidate also claim that “I will say that the politics may or may not work out in the right way, but we’re a country of laws. You have to enforce the laws.”


The warning about “the trap” Dems face heading into 2020 has been a constant fear he says. Yang also argues “Anytime we’re talking about Donald Trump, Donald Trump is winning, and Democrats need an affirmative vision that people are just as excited about. Like if the Democratic message is ‘Donald Trump bad! Impeach Donald Trump!’ then we’re actually increasing the chances of him getting a second term.”


Trump’s impeachment that has been called has proved to be significant among Democrats since the Ukraine controversy that took place last week. More than half the Dem-controlled House has been in favor of pursuing impeachment. Nearly all of the 2020 presidential candidates have showcased keen interest and support for the inquiry launched this week by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.