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America’s Got Talent – Gabrielle Union Breaks Silence On Her Involuntary ‘AGT’ Departure

America's Got Talent - Gabrielle Union Breaks Silence On Her Involuntary 'AGT' Departure
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The famous American Actress Gabrielle Union opened up about the ‘toxic culture’ report published by Variety. According to the report the toxic culture is prevailing on the sets of America’s Got Talent. Gabrielle Union and her husband Dwyane Wade were talking to media about the news about the exit of Union and another judge Julianne Hough from the reality singing show America’s Got Talent. The news said that both the judges will not be a part of the singing competition for the second year.

According to the news published by Variety the ‘Toxic Culture’ is the term that is used for the unnecessary racist notes and jokes that are uttered at the sets of the music competition show ‘America’s Got Talent’. Both the freshman judges had to face a lot of racist jokes and insulting remarks about their physical appearance, and all this happened before the renewal of their contract.

USA Today contacted other stars about their stance on the exit of both the judges from the show.

In a joint statement issued by the production house called Fremantle and NBC for USA Today the show America’s Got Talent has a very good history of variety of talents that are displayed on the show. They said that both host line-up as well as the judges has been reinvigorated for every new season and that is one major reason for the popularity of the show. They claimed that NBC and the producers of the show pay personal attention to every issue that arises on set and does not take it lightly.

After the news of Union’s and Hough’s exit from the show was made public Union made her first tweet in which she did not say anything about the controversy and only thanked her fans for the love and support they showed for her. The following are the exact words that the famous star used to show her gratitude for the support that the fans displayed for her.


“So many tears, so much gratitude,” she tweeted on Wednesday night. “THANK YOU! Just when you feel lost, adrift, alone… you got me up off the ground. Humbled and thankful, forever.”

Gabrielle Union✔


On Friday Gabrielle Union posted a photo on Instagram in which her husband who is a famous player of basket-ball is providing her with his shoulder to cry on in this stressful time. The following are her exact words that she posted on Instagram with a picture of her husband kissing her forehead to show how much he cared for her.

“Lord, you KNOW I’m tryin… whew and breathe,” “Support is everything.”

On Wednesday Wade announced his public support for his beloved wife by responding to the news over so many tweets of praise for Union’s time that she spent on the show.

Wade said  that men can lie and so can women but numbers don’t lie, he said that over the past one year he has been approached by a number of people saying that his wife @itsgabrielleu is a major reason why people started watching the reality music competition show ‘America’s Got Talent’. The fans even praised her sincerity and insight that she displayed on the show. Gabrielle’s husband said that after seeing the support of his wife’s fans he could not imagine that he would get the news of his wife’s exit from the show.

Sharing his reaction to the news of her dismissal he said that when he heard the news that his wife was fired his first question was ‘Why’!? He said that he was still waiting for an appropriate answer to that question. He said that the people who know her or even have heard of her know that she is an active supporter of our culture and community. Wade further said that he was really proud of Gabrielle firstly for being selected as a judge and secondly to stand up against what she thinks is wrong, and that is true America.

The following are the words that Dwayne Wade posted on twitter about his wife and the situation she was going through,

Cheering his wife up he said that he was happy that she did not lose sight of all the good lessons they wanted to teach their daughter and for standing up against what was wrong on the set of America’s most popular show. He said that his wife was the number one judge on the biggest American TV show.

As mentioned in Variety the main issued that were raised during the show included the negative comments that were made about the physical appearances of two of the best judges of the show Gabrielle Union and Hough. According to four different sources that wanted to keep their identity anonymous Union was asked numerous times that the hairstyles that she wore were too black for America’s Got Talent.

On the other hand the other judge Julianne Hough was criticized a number of times and negative comments were made about her physical appearance, but ignoring all those comments she said that she had a wonderful time on the sets of the show.

Both the judges involved in the controversy had joined the show for the 14th season, when two of the judges Heidi Klum and Mel B of season 13 left the show. The judges Howie Mandel and Simon Cowell might join the show for the next season. There might be a change in the hosting line-up too and Terry Crews is also expected to join as the host of the show for the next season.

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