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Americans Views of Nation’s Economy Remain Positive and Sincerely Biased


Public’s Views of Nation’s Economy

Public’s Views of Nation’s Economy Remain Positive and Deeply Partisan It is a fact that half the democrats and majority of republicans think their finances have a positive trend. Since the day President Trump came into office, most of the economic reviews about republicans have been positive.

Nation Economy Building Growth
Nation Economy Building Growth: Image Source

According to a survey conducted by Pew Research Center, the Democrats Americans still have all the reviews about the nation’s economy as positive. Almost 55% of the population says that the economic condition of the country is reasonable if not excellent. The public stance about it has changed a bit since January 2019, but still, the national economic assessments are the best in almost two decades.

Pew Research Center conducted a survey from 10th to 15th of July, and it was done between 1502 adults, and according to its findings, most of the Americans have optimistic thinking about their accounts: 55% people describe their own individual financial situation as good and excellent. The surveys of the last 15 years say the same thing about the financial position of the USA on the whole and that of the personal finances of people.

From the day Donald Trump took office as the President of the United States, the analytical reviews about the national economy of the USA have been showing divisions that are not just and seem to be biased. According to the observation done by the experts since the start of 2017, there has been noticed a sharp increase in the positive views about the economy of the country, but these views are mostly about the Republicans and the allies that lean upon the Republicans as Independents.

National Economy

At the present point of time also 79% of the republican leaners as well as republicans find their national economy to be good and 34% of people say that is excellent. When the Democrats and the Democrat leaners were asked the same question half the number of people which makes only 34% declared that the economic situation of their country was good or excellent. And just 6% can describe the situation as unique.

There are several Americans who say that the policies implemented by Trump have worsened the economy, nearly one third say that the policies of Trump have no severe impact on the economy of the country. But if we have a look at the result of the surveys done in January this year we will notice that majority of people said that Trump’s policies have a positive impact on the economic condition of the country 44% people say that the economy has got better, while 23% say that they have adverse effect on the economy and 30% people that there is no severe change in the economic condition of the country.

All these views of the economy of the country seemed to be prejudiced. Most of the Republicans have a common point of view about the policies of President Trump, almost 79% of the Republicans say that Trump’s policies have strengthened the economy. Only 13% of the Democrats admit that the policies have made the economy better. Almost 42% of the people say that policies of Trump have not made any difference to the economy of the country, while 41% say that they have had a negative impact on the economy of USA.

Economics Policies

All the Republicans who make $75,000 or more are more likely to admit that Trump’s economic policies have had a positive impact on the economic policies of the country while the people who make less than $30,000 say that there is no impact of Trump’s policies.

At a similar point of time in 2011 when the complete overall evaluation of the nation’s economy was not as positive as it is today, much more Americans used to say that the President Barrack Obama’s policies related to the economy of the country were not favorable for the country and had worsened the economy. Almost 34% of people said that the economy had worsened, 27% said that it was getting better and 33% said that they did not affect the economy of the country. Most of the Republicans who have low earnings are not much positive about the economy of the country.

The gap between the income that you see in ratings of the national economy is specifically wide within the GOP Views are linked with income- especially among the leaners of Republicans and the Republicans.

Overall Family Income

In total 63% of the American families who enjoy, who have the family income of $75,000 or more think that the economy is best and only 36% of the people with rent that is less than $30,000 say that economy is good and the rest say it is not good at all.

Almost nine out of ten Republicans who make more than $75,000 income are the ones that rate the economy of the country as excellent, and it includes the 45% who say that the economy of the country is in excellent shape. If we compare the views, we will get to know that only about half of the Republicans who earn less than $30,000 rate the economy as positive.

If you have a look at Democrats you will notice that the gap in economic observations is much modest, almost four out of ten Democrats and their leaners who have family income of more than $75,000(39%) think that economy is excellent, among the Democrats (26%) who earn less than $30,000 say that the economy of the country is good.

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