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Amazon To Unveil New Product Range But Is That Privacy Intact?


Amazon lifted the curtains from the new range of hardware products to make your life easy and happening as it includes better quality music, renders raw meat edible, or hold prescription pieces of glass right above your eyeballs. One of the most popular devices includes the Echo, Amazon’s smart speaker, which perfectly blends not only in your home but also in your lifestyle. “When stripped of the day’s high gloss,” Sidney Fussel observed, much of Amazon’s recently announced products“are just wearable microphones.”

Image Credit: Slate

The existing microphones that are inserted by Amazon in the device range that has newly arrived has already resulted in small but uncountable privacy scandals, notes Fussel, from the police authorities that asked for footage from the owners of Amazon Rings to people who take notes and analysis the audio clips from Alexa speakers. It is true that Amazon will give liberty to its users to automatically delete any recordings that have been stored in every few months. But as Shira Ovide notes that Bloomberg, Amazon could easily just stop recording voice messages in the first place.

Such gigantic companies should provide an ample amount of Privacy or law enforcement and should be the last thing customers have to worry about with this gear. It can also allow one member having access to the device to spy on or gaslight another. Footages through the security cameras, like Ring, are collected regularly but even Echos might be intervening more than you bargained for, listening even when you mention the word Alexa in passing or heard. 

There are several hardware offerings that pose security issues and concerns. Some of them are mentioned below: 


  • Echo Dot with clock
  • Echo Studio
  • Amazon Eero
  • Echo Show 8
  • Echo Flex
  • Echo Glow
  • Echo Buds
  • Echo Frames 
  • Fetch
  • Echo Loop
  • Amazon Smart Oven
  • Ring Stick Up Camera