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All You Need To Know About Samsung Galaxy Book S


Samsung’s reputation is on the stake as it is their high time to show what they have got. After the big flop of the Samsung Galaxy S10, the company has a lot of expectations from Galaxy Note 10. Where everything is failing, Samsung is also up to the Galaxy Book S, which is a new range of laptops by Samsung. The lappy has got Windows 10 with a fantastic Arm processor. Samsung ditched the Intel and AMD chips this time as they are moving to something different to make a break-through in the market.


Do you want to win the market? You have to give something new to the audience every time. As far as the reviews of the new Galaxy Book S, the performance is quite extraordinary. The system has an in-screen fingerprint sensor, which is smoother than the other company laptops. The battery life is efficient, and the new Galaxy Book S has got the latest Snapdragon 8cx Compute Platform by Qualcomm which makes it different from the other devices. Samsung’s Galaxy Book S also has a 7nm system chip which enhances the power of the processor to give better performance.

The lappy is 5G enabled as you can run the new Galaxy Book 2 on 5G network. The Galaxy Book S is one little package which gives you everything you desire, whether it is better performance, long battery life, screen size, and more. The laptop weighs 2.11 pounds and is just 0.46 inch thick. The configuration includes a touch display on a 13.3-inch HD display. You will be able to sync your phone apps, photos, calls, contacts, texts, and more. Microsoft claims that it worked with Samsung in developing the Galaxy Book S and the Galaxy Note 10 as they are going to have a Windows 10 option to connect both devices.