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All New ‘Power Rangers’ trailer HD Video finally Out With incredible Dinozords


It’s Morphin time! Finally, the official trailer for the coming up ‘power rangers’ movie shows special effects considering a lot of budgets, Bryan Cranston, and outcast teens.The trailer launched had fully embraced the super powered mania of the Power Rangers,  and it is creating a lot of fun because of it. The first trailer was dull and overly serious, but this trailer has created an awesomeness in the environment of its fan.

Kids are stumbling onto superpowers and should save the world while wearing their colorful costumes.That’s the basic logic behind the upcoming ‘power rangers’ movie. It is well known that it is based on the popular and enjoyable cheesy children’s superhero TV show. The new official trailer posted on Thursday 19th of January describes that the movie is bombing a lot of cash on the grave drama with epic battle scenes involved in the big screen adaptation.


Power Rangers trailer is showcases charged up super powers boosting up the outcast teens. New power rangers suits unveiled in this movie and they are giving a glimpse of something Iron Man-ish.

A teaser trailer was launched back in October last year by Lionsgate. It was the darkly dramatic cover of Johnny cash’s ‘I walk the line, ’ and it kicked off melancholy which left us all wondering that how serious this movie is going to feel. The new humor tucked in along with the superstars and teen angst.

The villain is giving a glance of techno version of poison Ivy. There’s a presence of sweeping soundtrack, talk of destiny and hints of big fights to come.

The overall aesthetic is still strange and weird Sci-Fi but once these teen gets with attitude morph and yes , as it is mentioned they even get to say that ‘it’s morphin time’. We are going to get treated by a beautiful, bright and action scenes which will be fun to look at. Let’s wish that the movie is more like this and less like the serious dramatic setup.