Home Entertainment After Leaving Twitch, Ninja Hits 1 Million Subscribers On Mixer Five Days

After Leaving Twitch, Ninja Hits 1 Million Subscribers On Mixer Five Days


Ninja Hits 1 Million Subscribers On Mixer Five Days

Ninja Hits 1 Million Subscribers On Mixer Five Days
Ninja Hits 1 Million Subscribers On Mixer Five Days: Image Source

Richards Tyler Blevins who is popular with the name of ‘Ninja’ has been expressing his joy on having reached 1 million members on Mixer which is a Microsoft-owned medium that made him switch from Twitch to Mixer. Expressing his happiness on reaching the milestone of I Million subscribers who actively watch his vides “Ninja” thanked all his supporters and said that he has not felt that good in a long time.

Over the last few days, there has been quite a stir in the streaming platforms about Blevins’ fans and there has been a discussion all over the place about whether the fans of the internet stars will switch from the previous platform Twitch to the new Platform Mixer just to follow their favorite star. The question came into the minds of people because Mixer is a much smaller Platform as compared to Twitch which is owned by Amazon.

Achieving the support of one million subscribers who actively watch his videos in just five days of working with Mixer is a great achievement for the 28 years old American streamer. The experts call it the height of the young streamers popularity and it has become an example for the other artists. They young streamer started working as a professional gamer in 2009 when he played Halo 3.

The mixer is a platform that provides two months free membership for Blevins online channel the people and now it is not clear whether the fan following of Ninja remains the same after the free membership and have to pay almost six dollars a month to get the attractive perks from the platform. There is a chance of Mixer users to earn money through the currency of the platform known as Sparks it is just like the currency of Twitch known as Bits.


According to experts if the popularity and fan following of Blevins keeps growing at the same rate as it has been in last five days he might be able to make new records of subscribers and break his own previous records. If we have a look at his last year’s records we will find that he made a record of 3 million subscribers on YouTube in a short period of one month.

He received a lot of response from the people while playing Fortnite and his YouTube account has huge number of subscribers approximately 23 million which is far greater the numbers as compared to his Twitch channel.

There is one difference between YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer and that difference is making people speculate about the sustainability of popularity of Blevins, it is the time that the people spent on each platform watching the live stream of online gamers. The platform Blevins has recently shifted to is Mixer which gets only 3 percent of the time people spend on watching the online gamers play while Twitch gets more than 72 percent of the viewership time.

The big difference between the percentage of people watching online gamers on Twitch and Mixer is what makes people assume that the popularity graph of the internet star might drop as soon as it bloomed. This difference between the number of Mixer viewers and Twitch forced the other artists like Guy “Dr. Disrespect” to express their point of view about the duration for which the viewership of Blevins will remain high.

MR. Beahm

Beahm elaborated the thoughts of different people about the fan following of Blevins that unless Mixer picks up some other big names of the internet industry the number of Blevins Subscribers may go down. He said that what he is saying about the popularity of Blevins had no concern with the content but the way he gets the exposure on Mixer.

Most of the live streamers have a common point of view about Mixer and that is the need for some big names in You Tubers and gamers the presence of which will benefit Mixer in many ways. One of the well-known podcast hosts Ethan Klein recently disclosed that he had a chat with a Twitch streamer who was in touch with Mixer as he also trying to quit Twitch and join Mixer.

If you have a look at the track records of the Twitch streamer who has been working with this amazon owned platform till July 2019, he had more than 14 million followers and almost 50,000 viewers per week. Till March 2019 Blevins had 21 million subscribers on YouTube, he earns almost $500,000 per month just by streaming Fortnite and gives the credit to its free to play version that is also known as a Business model. Blevins is the most famous online gamer.

The 100 Year Game

Blevins has been busy with a number of other engagements including his short appearance in the NFL’s “The 100-Year Game” ad in which a number of other professional football players could also be seen. On June 17th, 2018 he disclosed that he has become a partner of Red Bull Esports. He made the announcement for his fans that they could challenge him at an event especially organized for the Fortnite players on July 21st, 2018. The event was named “Red Bull Rise Till Dawn”.

In the month of October 2018, he cracked a deal with a music company named Astralwerks. The title of this music album was Ninjawerks Volume 1 and it contained some of his electronic music original tracks including Tycho, Nero, and Alesso.

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