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A Pedestrian Bridge Collapsed Over Miami Street


On Tuesday, a pedestrian bridge collapsed over a busy Miami street in Florida. It accident killed six people, and the engineers blamed for the incident. The N.T.S.B blamed the engineer by claiming that faulty design and poor oversight of the bridge was the cause of the event.

Image Credit: NY Times

Last year the Miami Bridge collapse at Florida International University, which killed almost six people. On Tuesday, the federal authorities concluded that the fatal design flaw ruined the Miami Bridge. The unusual severe cracking in the concrete was the cause of the incident. For safety, the engineer should have prompted the closure of the roadway below.
The bridge which was under construction by the university to connect the students to the neighbouring city Sweetwater fell on top of drivers who were waiting at the red light. The 950 tons of concrete and metal crushed the cars which were under the falling bridge. The chairman of the national transportation Safety Board, Robert L. Sumwalt, said that the bridge was screaming that something is wrong, but no one was listening.
The N.T.S.B concluded that the leading cause for the bridge failure was the design. The bridge was design by Figg Bridge engineers; the engineers underestimated the load on the deck and overestimated its capacity. The Florida Department of transportation failed to recognize the unacceptable level of cracking on the floor and kept the street open while the workers were fixing the problem.
The incident killed six people, including F.I.U student and injured ten people. Figg dined the responsibility for the event and said that the bridge collapsed as there was no proper maintenance. The transportation department on the return of the statement said that they have already improved its policies. In the end, everyone who was involved in the project partly blamed for the accident, the company, the institution, and the agency.