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A Man Dies in Hawaii After Falling Into a Lava Tube in His Yard


An older man fell to death after he falls into a lava tube in his property in Hawaii, police declared on Wednesday. The man was reported missing for several days, and his family members and friends did not find him for several days, Hawaii Island police said. When police went to his house, they discovered him lying 22 feet below the surface height in the soft area of the lava tube, the press release by Hawaii Island police revealed.

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More about the Lava Tube

Lava tubes are natural channels, and using the route lava moves beneath the surface, the Geological Survey of the United States said. When the lava tubes become extinct, the cells do not carry the lava within it. These lava tubes form a large tunnel-like structure beneath the earth’s surface. Kaumana Caves is a popular destination for hikers. The area is situated near Hilo, and people who are interested in exploring the lava tubes often visit this place. A flow in 1881from Mauna Loa created the machines, geologists confirm. 

Police Statement

The man was trimming the branches of the nearby tree before falling into the tube, Police Maj. Robert Wagner said to the press. The rescue team includes the personnel from fire service, rope down the lava tube to take the body to the surface. Once the body is rescued from the machine, it was transferred to Hilo Medical Center. The medical body declared him dead, the press release revealed. 

The name of the man has not revealed by the police, and the family of the older man has not informed about the incident yet. An Autopsy revealed that the injury while falling into the tube killed the man. The criminal Investigation section carried out their primary examination and found no suspicious movement from the place. Police denied any possible chance of foul play in the incident.