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A Father Put Up Flyers About His Baby’s Rare Disorders. ‘Let The Baby Die,’ Someone Responded


In the shocking incident that has taken place recently, a line that will shock every parent. KC Ahlers has a baby who was suffering from rare disorders. As he doesn’t have much money for the treatment, so he said to have gone for asking help from random people via flyers. 

When he looks at the flyers where he asked for assistance, he was shocked to read where someone wrote it by quoting, “Stop asking for money and Let the baby die.”

Image Credit: CNN

It was seen that Ahlers had been putting the flyers near the shopping malls in Toledo, Ohio. He is doing all these to help raise the money for his baby boy. But when he was driving near the flyers, he was shocked to read this hateful message. 

When did all this start?

It was all started when Randy James, who is famous by RJ, was born in July. After his birth, it came to know that he has got two rare conditions, which are mosaic trisomy nine and agenesis of the corpus callosum. 

As for the treatment of these two rare diseases, the parents need a massive amount of money, and they don’t have it. So they started a campaign to raise funds for treatment and cover his treatment care. 

In the mosaic trisomy 9, it will result in intellectual disability, growth problems, health defects, and developmental delay, as well. In the second case, it will not allow the brain to develop correctly. 

But despite all these things, the parents are seen to be fighting hard and trying to beat the odds for their child. Till now, RJ has got at least 15 specialist appointments since he got birth in July.