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82-year-old Female Bodybuilder Beats Down Home Intruder


In the city of Rochester, New York, a resident named Willie Murphy beaten an intruder who got inside her home. The age of the woman who beat the intruder is 82 years old, but still, she is strong enough at this age.

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On Thursday night, an intruder decided to get to her home to steal. But little did he know that she is an award-winning bodybuilder who has used her strength to beat the intruder and stop him from taking anything from home. She used a table, broom, and a baby shampoo bottle to beat him. 

How did all these happen?

As per Murphy, she told that an intruder came and started to pound the main door of the house. When she asked him, he said to call an ambulance in the tone of getting help. But instead of listening to the intruder, she called the police and did not let the man inside the house. 

From that moment, all things started to change, and the man then busted the main door. Before getting inside to any of the rooms, Murphy goes for a fight with him and at the same time, grabbed the table and started to attack the intruder. 

She added by saying to the local channel that though she stays in the home alone and old, she got strength in her and is tough too. 

When he hit the table on him, it broke, but still, he does not stop so as Murphy too. Then she picked the metal legs of the table and started to fight with the intruder. She keeps on doing by using her strength and other household items and ensure that the intruder stays away from rooms. 

She said that she used to deadlift 225 pounds but still the man is too heavy to move so she can’t touch him as she planned.