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680 Detained in Largest ICE Raids During Trump’s Presidency



America experienced yet another atrocity against the immigrants in the Presidency of Donald Trump when the immigration officials carried out ICE raids against the immigrants at a workplace. The democrats have strongly condemned the incident.

680 detained in largest ICE raids
680 detained in largest ICE raids: Image Source

On Wednesday US Immigration And Custom Enforcement authorities detained 680 workers at seven Mississipi chicken Processing plant. It is called the biggest raid on a workplace in the history of America. The acting director of the agency Matthew Albence described the operation as a normal process and denied is a connection with the racial acts that have been seen in the past. He said that the raids were made on the basis of illegal residency.

Donald Trump is not against any type of racism

The world is well aware of the fact that Donald Trump is not against any type of racism, in fact, his immigration policies are a true reflection of his thoughts. According to the Democrats and people from different walks of life, it is utter disgrace for the Americans as these raids are unjust. A number of present and former politicians have condemned these raids and admit that these are the biggest raids in American history that happened in the reign of Donald. J. Trump.

According to the police statement, most of the staff that was detained are Latino. All these arrests were made the same day when President Trump was visiting El Paso, after the massacre by a gunman who apparently posted an anti-immigrant screed prior to the attacks. Bernie Sanders thinks that the immigrant attacks are an evil act. Bernie Sander said on Thursday that days after the killing of immigrants in El Paso Trump is still continuing the attacks on the families of the immigrants. He said that it is our duty to reject the racist agenda of President Trump and protect the immigrant communities from the terror being inflicted on them. He further said that we should try to bring the families of immigrants together and not tear them apart.

Julian Castro and Beto O’Rourke also criticized the raids

Beto O’ Rourke who is a former congressman who represented El Paso in the past said about these raids that only a few days after the massacre that was committed to targeting the immigrants. He said that these are the biggest raids in Trump’s presidency. Beto O’ Rourke said that six hundred and eighty immigrants were arrested among which was the mother of a thirteen years old boy. Beto O’ Rourke said about the raids that cruelty had no ends.

In fact, O’Rourke was referring to the 13 years old who was arrested in a raid at Kosh Foods plants in Mordon, situated at the eastern side of the city called Jackson.

Former Vice President

The former vice president and a democratic candidate for future elections of 2020. Joe Biden said about these raids that at the day when President Trump should be displaying the diversity of America by consoling the grieved families. His administration is conducting the unjust raids in Mississipi. Joe Biden said that Donald J Trump is morally unfit to be the leader of this country.

When ICE leader Matthew Albanese was asked about these raids coinciding with the Trumps visit. And he said that it was a long term operation that is still going on and it has nothing to do with the President’s visit to El Paso.

According to Mike Hurst, the US attorney appointed for the southern district of Mississipi. These raids are the largest among the single state immigration enforcement operation in the History of USA.

History of raids on immigrants

Most of the workers at meat processing plants are the easiest targets for the officers of ICE. In December 2006 the ICE officials arrested 1282 people in raids at the plants of Swift and Company across 6 states. In 2008 ICE conducted raids at Postville in which they arrested 389 people on one northern Iowa meat processing workplace.

President Trump always stays in news due to his unfair immigration policy and these raids have further increased the hatred among the masses and the pressure on President is increasing with each passing day. Julian Castro who is a democratic presidential primary candidate stated that the president uses dehumanizing terms like invading for the residents of America only to justify his agenda of breaking the families instead of bringing them together. He said that it was time to get rid of ICE.

There are huge numbers of people who have been participating in the protest against the immigration policies of the President. The movement of people against immigration policies have been slowed down for some months. But with the advent of the Mississipi raids, it has again triggered the anger against the policies and people have been playing an active role for the immigrants who are an important part of American populations.

America should consider the truth that most of the people who have been serving in the hospitals of America and are serving the country at a number of important positions are also immigrants.

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