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3 Indiana Judges Suspended After White Castle Brawl That Left 2 Of Them Wounded


The Indiana Supreme Court has suspended three Indiana circuit judges. As per the report, the court has taken such a step after found the judges involved in a drunken fight near a White Castle restaurant in Indianapolis. The incident took place in April and ended left two of them severely wounded.

Image Credit: NPR

About the event- the reason behind the incident 

The fight started around 3 am on 30th April, when one judge named Sabrina Bell, pointed out her middle finger at two men judges from an SUV. And this incident ended after one of those three judges shot two of them.

As per the report, after checking into their respective hotel rooms, three judges, Bradley Jacobs, Andrew Adam (Clark County Circuit Court Judges), and Sabrina Bell (Crawford County Circuit Judge), spent the evening drinking with other during the Spring Judicial College conference. 

After some time, they tried to go to a local strip club called the Red Garter Gentleman’s Club. However, they found it closed. After that, they went to White Castle. When they were in the parking lot, they uttered something at a group standing near the place. Then both the group started a heated argument and also showed rude gestures. Within just a few minutes, it turned violent. A person named Brandon Kaiser, from the other group, fired one bullet in Adams’ abdomen, and two shots in Jacobs’ chest. The duo was severely wounded and was hospitalized for around two weeks. Now their condition is stable, the report informed. 

The court’s decision

The Indiana Supreme Court, as per the report, suspended Bell and Jacob for 30 days, and they will not get paid. On the other side, Adams suspended for 60 days without pay. On the other hand, Kaiser has been charged with about 14 different crimes. While announcing the decision, the court said that they seriously undermined the trust of the public, and that is not at all acceptable.