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2 die in Fall While Hiking at Arches National Park


On Friday, an awful incident took place in the Arches National Park in Utah. The accident had taken place while hiking. And in the accident, a man and a woman died, and a man was injured. As per the report by CBSD Salt Lake City affiliate, KUTV reported the injured person was thirty years old and was taken to the local hospital.

Image Credit: NBC News

About the accident

Two people who were dead where the tourist one of whom was a man of sixty-five years and the other was a woman of sixty years. The accident took place when they were hiking, and suddenly both of them fall into the bowl area near Delicate Arch. Another man who was of thirty years was found injured and was taken to the hospital, but his condition is unknown, according to Chief Ranger Scott Brown. He also said that three of the person who was affected in the incident were from California and were related to each other. Still, the name of the affected person was not released. 

The cause of the accident was the weather condition as a trail at Delicate Arch was a mix of rainy and snowy. It was not a good weather condition for hiking because hiking could be slippery due to the weather condition. All three people fall into the bowl area due to slippery hiking. Still, the investigation is going on, and the Grand country Sheriff’s office is in charge of the study. On Friday, Delicate Arch trail was closed for several hours, and after that, it was reopened. 

The park official warned the tourist through a tweet about the weather condition. The official tweeted that the winter condition will make slippery hiking and due to which hiking might be challenging. He also asked the people to proceed with caution.