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18-Year-Old iFunny User Arrested For Threatening Government Official


Justin Olsen, an 18-year-old kid, arrested by the officials for threatening a government official. Olsen belongs from Ohio and is a regular user of iFunny. iFunny is an application developed by the Russians; people use this app to make memes. Olsen was a regular user of the iFunny app, and he use to create memes against feminist, liberals, atheists including the non-Christians, and the LGBTQ community. Memes have become an excellent way to criticize people or society on social media, and the meme society is not stopping any soon.


Olsen became a significant threat when he posted a meme that said, “shoot each federal agent on sight.” The heated discussion about the Waco led him to say offensive things about the government. He runs his iFunny account by the name of ArmyofChrist, as he believes that God exists. He has 5,000 subscribers on the application; he made a group chat room in which he discussed brach Davidians. During the investigation, officials asked him about the post; Olsen said in reply that it was a joke and the threat was just a part of the conversation Olsen was having in the group discussion about the Waco siege. He is a Donald Trump supporter, as once he posted a picture of a Christian soldier with a flag supporting Trump.

He is also a supporter of Augusto Pinochet as per his posts supporting dictatorship rule. 8Chan had a discussion on the topic with Buzzfeed where the app is helping the extremists and criminals on their platform. They said, “iFunny is the most attractive mobile app among young adults in the U.S… I.E., we have over 10 million unique U.S. users in-app per month. It’s approximately equal to 25% of the young adults’ population of the U.S. (from 43 million young adults as per government stats). We assume that percent of the potential criminals among them has a 100% correlation with the percent of the potential criminals among the whole society.”