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10 animals were killed in a fire at the African Safari Wildlife Park in Ohio


On Thursday, the fire broke out in the African Safari Wildlife Park in northern Ohio. According to the Danbury Township police, the fire almost killed ten animals of the American Safari Wildlife Park in Ohio. After the fire broke out, the firefighter was called to the port Clinton Park around 6:15 p.m. The listed animal that died was giraffes, red river hogs, bongs, and springbok.

Image Credit: Daily Mail

African Safari in Port Clinton under fire

The most unexpected and devastating thing happened on Thursday were the African wildlife safari loss ten animals. Three bongs, three giraffes, three red river hogs, and a springbok died due to the fire, as reported by the owner of the African Safari Wildlife Park, Holly Hunt. Hunt also said that a zebra was marked saved during the incident as the zebra was housed in an overhang outside the barn. Including elk, llamas, giraffes, deer, bison, and alpacas, three hundred other animals were marked safe during the incident. 

On social media, a giraffe was widely seen fleeing the fire, but per Hunt, the giraffe was outside the barn due to which it was freed to escape the flames and ran to the pond. The giraffe was then directed to safety by the animal keeper and the doctors. The fire departed was reported at 6:19 p.m about the fire, and within five minutes, they arrived. Still, at that time, the barn was already fully engulfed as per Pick Ramos, a safety officer for the Port Clinton Fire Department. 

The park was closed for thanksgiving, and this devastating fire took place on the same day, almost killing ten animals. As per the authority’s investigation, the park will remain closed on Friday due to the incident. The fire is now in control, and most of the animals were marked safe during the incident.